Bright Community Trust


Bright Community Trust is an experienced nonprofit building stronger communities across Florida. We partner with governments, for profits and nonprofit entities to create healthy and sustainable neighborhoods so that hardworking families can thrive and achieve their goals.

What We Do

Bright Community Trust develops well designed, green and energy-efficient homes geared to make homeownership and renting affordable for generations to come. We work with partners and developers to deliver new construction on vacant land and rehabilitated existing homes. Our shared roles in development and property management increase availability and accessibility of safe, welcoming communities to hard-working people.

Bright Community Trust’s Program

  • Keeps homes affordable
  • Helps a greater number of people own their own homes
  • Keeps people in their homes, creating stable communities
  • Reduces rates of foreclosure
  • Uses public dollars more efficiently

We work every day to craft long-term economic opportunity and safe and affordable housing in safe communities. We are a highly experienced team, employing passion for the work and some unique tools to preserve the promise of homeownership and quality rentals for generations to come.

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    • Client Support

    • We offer financial education, counseling, support and advice to our owners and renters, as well as potential owners and renters.
    • Home maintenance and repair
    • Homebuyer and Renter education
    • Help create a sense of community among members of the land trust

    • Education & Advocacy

    • We champion the case for affordable housing development, and the use of shared equity models to provide capital.
    • Serve as an information resource to local government, lenders, realtors & partners
    • Educate elected leaders as to affordable housing needs
    • Explain how to use shared equity to ensure long-term sustainability

    • Partnership

    • We collaborate with the following groups to help each achieve their affordable housing goals.
    • Local governments
    • Visionary investors
    • Social impact and community-based organizations
    • Progressive developers


Bright Community Trust (formerly Pinellas Community Housing Foundation) was formed in May 2008 as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Conceived to address the affordable housing shortage in Pinellas County, the Board of County Commissioners initially created the Pinellas Community Housing Program and authorized the Housing Finance Authority to utilize land trusts as a vehicle to facilitate 99-year ground leases. The primary role of the Trust was and is to preserve the Federal, State and local subsidies that either created or preserved the leases that essentially make affordable housing feasible.

In October of 2013, ready to be a stand-alone statewide non-profit organization, the Pinellas Community Housing Foundation moved successfully to independence and changed its name to Bright Community Trust. A HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency, Bright Community Trust preserves hundreds of units of affordable housing, and is an active resource and partner for local governments and for profit and nonprofit developers.

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