Marquaz McGhee

Marquaz is the Director of Client Services for Bright Community Trust, where he puts his 11 years of experience of developing and implementing housing programs into enhanced services to clients. As Director of Client Services, Marquaz works with current and potential tenants and homeowners to provide counseling and advice. The services include support with property maintenance, financial management, and other matters to improve their housing conditions, meet their financial goals and fulfill the responsibilities of home ownership. He leads the Bright Community Trust’s Homebuyer classes, designed to provide potential homeowners with sufficient information to make an educated decision about home ownership based on their personal circumstances. Clients that decide to buy a Bright Community Trust home will be assisted by Marquaz to ensure they have everything they need before the closing on their new home. He works with the lender to ensure that the document package is complete and the closing will go smoothly. Marquaz is passionate about financial coaching and foreclosure prevention and works with the clients to see that everyone has some type of financial relationship with a bank or credit union. Marquaz served as a Board Member for Habitat for Humanity in Pinellas County for three years.

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