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Bright Community Trust offers excellent rental properties in welcoming, safe communities. When you rent from us, we want you to feel right at home. You will find your new residence is fully cleaned, repainted and renovated — enjoy that “new home” feeling!

You likely know us for making beautiful, rehabilitated, single-family homes accessible to aspiring, first-time homeowners. Preserving affordable rental housing is also an important way help you find long-term housing. Whether homeownership or renting best suits your current circumstance, Bright Community Trust wants to help you access a well-maintained and safe place to live.

Property Spotlight: Townhomes at Creek Park

Owned and managed by Bright Community Trust, Townhomes at Creek Park was built in Dunedin in 2008. Each home is built with superior construction and amenities. Creek Park got its name from its surroundings: a nature preserve that features beautiful creeks and parkland.

Choose between 3-bedroom, 1,600 square feet, or 4-bedroom, 2,000 square feet homes. Both 3- and 4-bed homes have 2.5 baths, a 2-car garage, and a private back yard.

“We serve families whose income is 120% below the Pinellas County median. Our homes are spacious, practical homes near reputable schools. Creek Park connects hard-working families to affordable homes.”

Phillipe Beau – Creek Park Asset Manager

Phillipe reports that despite the process taking a bit longer than a typical rental – one to two weeks from application to move-in – “tenants are excited but patient, finding it worth their time as they can save $200 to $500 per month compared to market rates”.

When approved, tenants sign a one year lease, a walk-through is conducted, and final touches are completed at the house to welcome the new family.

“I am attached to the success of Creek Park, Phillipe says, because I initiated its design with the original developer, and I worked at its completion for Bright Community Trust; so my involvement goes further than a typical property manager in the sense that I was involved in design, construction, rental and management. It facilitates the maintenance part to know how the homes were built, and to be able to point out the qualities to the tenants. I am able to relay my attachment to the property to the tenants who, in turn and historically at Creek Park, have maintained their rented home remarkably well.”


CHAF Rental Properties

Our partners, Contemporary Housing Alternatives of Florida, Inc, own and manage over 600 rental units in the Trust. For more information visit their website: 

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